My specialization is sound. I have got a heterogeneous set of skills coming from years of study and my current professional experience in the fields of sound art and electronic music. As a freelancer, I am based in Berlin and have my studio there, but I’m frequently on the move and, of course, open to working on projects and collaborations remotely. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know my fees, propose me a project to realize or just to get more infos. What can I do:


patch development/design/testing/improving/prototyping (and more) for programming languages such as Max/MSP&Jitter, MaxForLive, Pure Data, SuperCollider, Reaktor


audio editing, recording, sound processing (Ableton Live, Logic, Protools, Cubase, and similar software)

composition/live electronics

ideas, techniques and solutions for composing with sound, both in post-production/”offline” and in real-time/live electronics settings

sound art/installation art

creating and designing sound elements for art installations, both software and hardware based (circuit design, arduino…)


private tuition and workshops on live electronics, sound synthesis and processing, electroacoustic composition, software programming and everything related

and more

everything else related to sound, you name it, I do it